Pilsner Urquell

Most famous! Pale, golden beer with a slightly sweet after taste 12oz
$ 4.25  


A light lager, hoppy aroma, and a slightly bitter medium body 12oz
$ 4.50  

Golden Pheasant

A golden lager with a clean taste that will appeal to domestic drinkers 16.9oz
$ 6.25

Primator Lager

Rich, golden, with a balanced flavor. Made with Saaz hops! 16.9oz
$ 5.50

Primator Dark

Winner of the World’s Best Dark Beer in ’08 and ’12. Enough said! 16.9oz.
$ 5.50

Primator Maibock

Golden, thick, creamy head with a sweet but crisp flavor 16.9oz.
$ 5.50

Primator Wheat

World Beer Award 2013 taste winner. Light and dry hefeweizen 16.9oz.
$ 5.50

Primator Double Bock

Dark and sweet with a whopping 10.5% alcohol content 16.9oz
$ 5.50


A bold & hoppy beer that any pilsner lover will enjoy 16.9oz
$ 5.75

Please ask about other Czech beers we may carry. Due to ever changing policies to importing and exporting, we may have other beers like Kozel, Staropramen, Zatec, or Radegast. We also carry most domestics, so ask your server for options.


By the Glass

Robert Mondavi Private Select (Cali), Cabernet, Merlot, or Chardonnay
$ 7  
Mirassou (Cali) Pinot Noir
$ 7  
Berenger Main Vine (Cali) White Zinfandel or Moscato
$ 7

Michelsberg Schmitt Sohne (Germ) Riesling or Piesporter
$ 7  
Stone Cellars (Cali) Pinot Griggio
$ 7  

By the bottle


Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon (Cali)
$ 20  
Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon (Cali)
$ 36  
Ecco Domani Merlot (Italy)
$ 26
Apothic Red Blend (Italy)
$ 28
Chateau De Macard (France)
$ 28
Eger Bikaver Bulls Blood (Hung)
$ 20
Mirassou Pinot Noir (Cali)
$ 21


Kendal Jackson Chardonnay (Cali)
$ 28  
William Hill Chardonnay (Cali)
$ 30  
Michelsberg S.S. Reisling (Germ)
$ 24
Michelsberg S.S. Piesporter (Germ)
$ 21
Brancott Suavignon Blanc (N.Z.)
$ 28
Banfi San Angelo Pinot Griggio (Italy)
$ 36
Berenger White Zinfandel (Cali)
$ 20

Champagne available as well…We carry Asti and Brut by the bottle $25 or splits $7



Potato pancakes

served with our sauerkraut
$ 8  

Provolone stix

(6) served with creamy horseradish
$ 7  

Sauerkraut balls

a dozen served with creamy horseradish sauce
$ 7

Calamari rings

With lemon and horsey sauce
$ 9

Bavarian pretzels

with paprikash to dip!
$ 6


(6) for $6 or (12) for $11


Roast Pork

Center cut chop with home made sauerkraut
$ 10  

Chicken Paprikash

White meat smothered in our paprikash
$ 10  


Choice beef slow cooked in our traditional sauce
$ 10


Thin, lightly breaded veal. A favorite!
$ 12.50


Two filets with home made tartar sauce
$ Market Price

Sauerkraut Pierogies

(5) served with kraut and sour cream!
$ 10

All meals served with choice of potato pancakes or spaetzles


Kielbasa sandwich

Kielbasa and kraut with our own mustard
$ 10  

Pork sandwich

Pork and sweet kraut on a bun!
$ 10  
Lite Fare

Potato Pancakes

Served around our own sweet sauerkraut
$ 8  

Sauerkraut Balls

With our house made horseradish sauce
$ 7  

Provolone Stix

(6) to order, with horsey sauce
$ 7


Spicy house made meat rolls with our own tangy apple mustard
$ 8


Served with lemon and our horsey sauce
$ 9

Bavarian Pretzels

(3) served with our own mustard or paprikash sauce
$ 6

Kielbasa n Kraut

Kielbasa slices with our house made kraut n mustard
$ 8


Create your own sampler from the choices above Pick any 3 $12 Pick any 4 $16

Sauerkraut Pierogies

Sautéed in onion and bacon w\ sour cream on top
$ 10


Served in orders of (6) for $6 or (12) for $11

Duck Wings

5 to an order $8 Wing choices are sriracha hot, bourbon teriyaki, paprikash, hot paprikash

Bavarian Sampler

Pierogies, kielbasa, sauerkraut, 2 Bavarian pretzels
$ 15


A toast to our neighbors up north! Seasoned fries topped with cheese curds and house made brown gravy!
$ 9

Daily Soups

Ask your server for daily soups!

Seasonal Salad

Ask your server for choices

Roast Pork

Double roasted pork with our homemade sweet sauerkraut. Served with our dumplings or spätzles
$ 16.50  


Savory cuts of choice beef cooked gradually with Spanish onions and imported paprika. Served with dumplings or spätzles
$ 16  

Roasted Duck

A robust half a duck slowly roasted to golden perfection. Served with our sauerkraut and choice of bread dumplings or spätzles
$ 22.50

Roast Chicken

Half of a chicken slowly roasted until golden brown, served with your choice of side. $14 Add our unique homemade stuffing
$ 2.50


Choice cuts of beef in our rich and creamy lemon dill sauce. Served with our dumplings or spätzles
$ 16


Locally grown vegetables slowly sautéed with European seasonings and finished with poached eggs. Served over dumplings or spätzles
$ 13

Chicken Paprikash

Savory white and dark chicken in our family’s signature rich and creamy paprika sauce. Served with dumplings or spätzles.
$ 14.25  

All white Paprikash

Our signature paprikash sauce served over only white meat. Recommended with bread dumplings or spätzles.
$ 15.50  

Petite Paprikash

Smaller serving for the petite appetite.
$ 10


Our rich sauce served over broccoli florets. Served with bread dumplings or spätzles.
$ 12

Weiner schnitzel

Milk fed veal pounded thin and breaded with our house made light breading. Served with your choice of side.
$ 19  

Holstein schnitzel

Our Weiner schnitzel dressed up with a fried egg on top! Served with your choice of side. Home fries recommended!
$ 20  

Jaeger schnitzel

Our Weiner schnitzel served under our rich mushroom sauce with a touch of sherry. Served with your choice of side.
$ 20

Dill schnitzel

A delicious rich and creamy dill sauce served over our Weiner schnitzel. Recommended with dumplings or spätzles.
$ 20

Hungarian schnitzel

Weiner schnitzel with a portion of our leczo over top. Served with potato home fries or your choice of side
$ 20

"Substitute potato pancakes as a side for $2 more!
Add a side of our house made sauerkraut for only $2.50"

Lakes and Streams

Lake Erie Yellow Perch

Truly a one of a kind! Caught only in our great lake. Filet’s are lightly breaded in our own breading and served with house made tartar and your choice of side. Home fries recommended.
$ Market Price  

Flame Broiled Salmon

8oz. wild caught filet, flame broiled, and offered one of the following 3 ways. Lemon pepper seasoned, Zesty orange glazed, or Creamy dill sauce
$ 16.50

Frog Legs

Farm raised frog legs breaded lightly in our house breading, served with house tartar sauce and your choice of side.
$ Market Price

Bread dumplings, Spätzles, Home fried potato’s, Broccoli florets, Vegetable medley, Seasoned French fries, Home made sauerkraut, Apple sauce, Home made stuffing
$ 3  

Apple Strudel

Our family recipe! Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


home made crepe filled with seasonal fruit and topped with whip cream and chocolate drizzle

Desert Pierogies

made pierogies fried and served with vanilla ice cream! Choice of apricot or blueberry, or combo it up!
$ 6


Coca cola, Sprite, Diet Coke, Iced tea, Rasberry iced tea, Pink lemonade, Gingerale Coffee and Hot tea
BAR MENU(Served 10pm – midnight)


6 for $6, 12 for $11

Duck Wings

5 for $8

Hot, paprikash, or bourbon teriyaki Provolone Stix

5 for $6

Bar chips

$ 4

Kraut balls

$ 7

Potato cakes

$ 8  

Hot pretzels with paprikash sauce

$ 6  


$ 9

Fried hot pepper cheese

$ 6